Until I was forty I wrote and published only poetry (well, excluding a deplorable and fortunately lost juvenile novel, a short story in ISIS, and several softporn pieces, under a psudonym mostly, for such mags as MAYFAIR, MEN ONLY and JANUS). poetry has always been my first love. But my talent tends towards the narrative, the epic, and in the modern era the novel seems the most suitable medium for that.

'He is a first-rate poet... a clear and sensuously impressive writer.'
-- Gavin Ewart

'Thomas's achievement is to give us a clear if uncomfortable picture of both the loving and the brutalising fantasies on which our hearts continue to feed.'
--Times Literary Supplement

'There aren't many poets in England as good as Thomas.'
--The Guardian

Family Bible, 2016

Two Voices

(Cape Goliard Press, 1968)

Logan Stone

(Cape Goliard Press, 1971)

Love and Other Deaths

(Elek Books, 1975)

Poetry in Crosslight

(Longman Group, 1975)

The Honeymoon Voyage

(Secker & Warburg, 1978)

Dreaming in Bronze

(Secker & Warburg, 1981)

Selected Poems

(Penguin Books, 1983)

Puberty Tree

(Bloodaxe Books, 1992)

Dear Shadows

(Fal Publications, 2004)

Not Saying Everything

(Bluechrome, 2006)

Unknown Shores

(Bluechrome, 2009)

Flight and Smoke

(Limited Edition, 2009)

Francis Boutle, 2010