(Victor, Gollancz, 1987)
This was my fourth and comic part of the Russian quintet. When Reagan met Gorbachev at a weekend summit in Switzerland, accompanied by their wives, I was reminded irresistibly of Whitehall farces, and I wrote about it as such.

Ironically I was in a very depressed state when I wrote it. I just gritted my teeth and hammered away at the keys, unable to revise; just bashing on. None the worse for that, I think. Reading it twenty years on, I still chuckle.

'Writes like a rumbustious dream... a dragon's breakfast of hilarity, horror and satirical fantasy.'
--The Guardian

'Part 'Dr Strangelove', part 'Duck Soup'... Thomas is so adept at using his gift for mimicry that even his wildest scenarios sparkle with a kind of crazy logic.'
--New York Times