Personal and Possessive

(Outposts Publications, 1964)
A pamphlet, my first little 'collection'. The editor of Outposts was Howard Sergeant, a tireless editor of new poetry and discoverer of new talent. My first poems published were in his magazine and in a mag edited by John Cotton, 'Priapus'.

Sergeant would offer to produce a pamphlet for a select few authors. I had to find subscribers to pay for it, but he himself made no profit. Eager to get something out, I accepted. I asked my old tutor, John Bayley, for advice on a title, and he came up with this one, which indeed was apt.

After loaning copies unwisely, I ended up with no copies of my own at all. A close friend, unknown to me, filched his girlfriend's copy to give to me. He was making small but carefully chosen presents to close friends, as he was on the point of taking his own life. So I now have one copy, but it's really a stolen copy.