Lady with a Laptop

(Carroll and Graf. 1996)
I was the first writer to be invited to lead a creative writing group in the famous Skyros 'holistic holidays' series. And I continued to be invited back year after year. I met and tutored wonderful people there, and love the island. However, it does have its satirizable side...

This novel is so far published only in the USA. For some reason British publishers didn't take to it. They called it frivolous. Well, it is.

On re-reading it 15 years later, I can see their point. The style is also less taut than usual; perhaps partly because I didn't like my first-person 'hero'. For some reason I'm much happier writing in a female voice. Or Freud's!

Still, a lot of people find it very funny. If you are going on a Skyros course, it would be excellent reading on the island!