D.M. Thomas sadly passed away at his home in Truro, Cornwall on March 26, 2023.  His writing though will live on!

D.M.Thomas was a British novelist and poet. He was awarded the Los Angeles Times Fiction prize for his novel The White Hotel, an international bestseller, translated into 30 languages; a Cholmondeley award for poetry; and the Orwell Prize for his biography of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  For the last 35 years of his life he lived and wrote in his native Cornwall until his death in 2023.

As his loving wife and now widow, I will try to maintain this website to the best of my ability.  The pages to follow were written by him.  I have left everything in first person for you to experience his own voice.

Please feel welcome to roam.


The editions listed on other pages, showing the cover, are not necessarily the most readily available (or cheapest), or first in the UK, but a sample. If you go into Amazon, or Abe Books, you can easily find what you need and what's best for your budget.

By D. M. Thomas:
The Flute-Player
The White Hotel
Russian Nights Quintet:
Lying Together
Flying in to Love
Pictures at an Exhibition
Eating Pavlova
Lady with a Laptop
Hunters in the Snow
verse fiction
Vintage Ghosts
Corona man
Penguin Modern Poets 11
Two Voices
Logan Stone
Love and Other Deaths
The Honeymoon Voyage
Dreaming in Bronze
The Puberty Tree: Selected Poems
Dear Shadows
Unknown Shores: selected SF poems
Not Saying Everything
Flight and Smoke
Two Countries
Mrs English and Other Women
Family Bible
Shadow Sonnets
The Last Waltz
Akhmatova: Selected Poems
Pushkin: Selected Poems
Boris Godunov
Ruslan and Ludmila
Yevtushenko: A Dove in Santiago
Memories & Hallucinations
Bleak Hotel
A Child of Love and War (verse memoir)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: a Century in his Life
Conversations with Freud
Hell Fire Corner
children’s fiction
The Devil and the Floral Dance